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Was ist container artcare?

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

5 Themes

Environmental protection

Human Rights

Global responsibility

Social justice



This famous quote from Mahatma Ghandi has inspired Artist Rudi Fisher. With his project "Container Artcare" he wants to unify this message with art. According to Fisher there is hardly an object that represents a united world better than a container.








"I really like your mindset about "Container Art Care“. We have negotiations and treaties about all kind of issues (like environmental care, trade, energy, finance and so forth), but we do not have enough international efforts about common values.

Leo A. Nefiodow
Futurologist and author of over 90 publications, among other
"Der sechste Konratieff"

Leo A. Nefiodow



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Help finance this project, and get the first tickets ! You have the opportunity to reflect over your values and its impact on the world. Which roll will you take?

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12 Aug 2016 / by Rudi Fischer



Frequently asked questions


Why containers?

Containers traveling around the world , contribute to the networking of entire economies in and are one of the few to international standards. Thus containers are best suited to serve as ambassadors of Container Art Care: For norms, which form the basis of a livable existence for each individual.

Why should I visit all 5 containers?

It is a 5-piece journey with different perspectives. The elements build on each other and visitors are given the opportunity to interactively and active engage in the exhibition and measure own values/beliefs online

Why can I only buy tickets through fundouts now?

he money is needed to realize the project in the first place to can. Fundouts is used as a crowdfunding platform to finance the first two stages of the exhibition.

How long is the exhibition and what are the opening times ?

The first exhibition container will be open to the public from 27 October to 27 November. The opening times are 10:00 to 20:00. Please remember that waiting times may be in order when there are a lot of visitors

Why do I need a phone or tablet with an Internet connection?

Inside the exhibition container there will be interactive questions for visitors. By logging into the website allows for an interactive experience in which visitors get the opportunity to reflect on profound questions of values ​​and allows a clearer confrontation with the exhibition .

Is the exhibition suitable for all ages ?

Yes it is.

Are the the containers accessible for disabled people?

Yes. Access is possible for people with wheelchair and crutches

Who is Rudi Fischer?

Rudi Fischer is an artist from Bremen . Check out some his earlier works here

What is art about it?

These five exhibition containers or " neverending rolling sculptures " traveling continuously through the world as an ambassador for a " universal ethical code of values ​​". The active participation of visitors is an integral part of the work of art and a prerequisite for its success. As a result, " social sculpture " and their contents are made transparent in the 5th Exhibition Container .